Transfers and mergers

The Utmost Group

On 4 March 2019, Reliance Life Limited re-branded as Utmost Life and Pensions Limited, and in doing so, became an active member of the Utmost Group, while retaining the flexibility of an individual company.

The philosophy behind the Utmost Group is to acquire, unite and consolidate separate life and pension companies to better serve all stakeholders.

Utmost Life and Pensions. A collective strategy.

We’re experienced specialists at uniting different customers and their policies under our banner. Over many years, a number of businesses have been transferred into the care of what is now called Utmost Life and Pensions. Our aim is to bring together customers and their policies from different life and pensions companies to best serve their collective needs. Once an existing business decides that we are an excellent new home for its customers, we’ll do our utmost to deliver the best possible life and pension know-how today and peace of mind for tomorrow.