Switching funds

It’s important to review the funds your policy is invested in regularly. This will help you make sure that your policy is invested in funds which reflect the level of risk you are prepared to take as you progress through your policy lifecycle. This is even more important if you have a pension and you are approaching retirement.

We’ll remind you about the option to switch or change your investment fund in our regular policy updates.

You can switch fund by either contacting us and we’ll send you a fund switch pack, or you can download and print out our form.

You’ll need to either return it to us in the post or by email.

The prices we’ll use to carry out your fund switch request will depend on when we receive your written instructions, and will be based on unit prices on the following working day after we receive your request.

If we receive your request by post or email before 5 pm on a normal working day, then we’ll treat it as being received on that day and will switch your fund using prices on the next working day.

If your request is received after 5 pm or on a day which isn’t a normal working day, then we’ll treat it as being received on the next working day, and will then apply unit prices on the next following working day when we switch your fund.

If you request a fund switch by email, then you’ll also need to return the form in the post so that we can complete our processes (even though the fund switch will already have been carried out).