Document Publication date February 26, 2019

Keeping connected with customers

At Utmost Life and Pensions, we like our customers to know that we’re always there for them. It’s important to us that we keep you informed about your policy and benefits and we do our utmost to ensure we have your correct, up-to-date records on file.

If we do lose contact, we’ll do all we can do reach you or your representatives. This ensures that we can process claims from policies as they mature, pay unclaimed monies, or simply re-unite customers with their policy details so they can continue to make informed choices about their policies. We don’t give up easily There are occasions when our efforts to contact customers aren’t immediately successful, particularly if:

  • They move home and don’t inform us of the change 
  • They continue to live at the same address but we are unable to get a response to our correspondence 
  • They have sadly died, and the executor or next of kin is unaware of the policy that they held.

On these occasions, we call upon a specialist tracing company called LexisNexis. They are experts in re-connecting insurers with customers and their life and pension assurance policies. You can find out more about them at

If we discover a potential new address for a customer, we will write to them asking them to verify a range of personal and address details. Their response is very important to us, as it will allow us to complete the final checks to re-establish contact. If you receive one of these letters, please do read it carefully and return any required details to us, so we can continue to help you.

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