News Publication date October 05, 2022

Pension consolidation available for former Equitable Life policyholders

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to accept transfers of certain pension policies into existing Personal Pension Plans for former Equitable Life policyholders. The facility was turned off under Equitable Life, who were closed to new business, but we know that it is something that our policyholders are interested in, so that is why we have decided to offer this option.

There are benefits to consolidating your savings in one place such as:

  • Saving time, having to deal with fewer providers
  • Potentially saving money if fund charges are lower
  • Having more investment choice

We are unable to give policyholders any advice about whether transferring is right for them but we are able to provide information to help them make an informed choice.

If you have a pension that you are considering transferring to your Utmost Personal Pension Plan, please contact us on 0330 159 1530, or email us on

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