News Publication date June 08, 2022

Important: new pension regulations

With effect from 1 June 2022, new pension guidance regulations were launched to encourage people to attend a Pension Wise appointment. Pension Wise from MoneyHelper is a free and impartial service that helps you understand what you can do with your retirement savings.

To qualify for a Pension Wise guidance appointment, you must be:

  • 50 years old or over; and
  • have a defined contribution pension

Please contact us if you are unsure whether your pension is in scope for Pension Wise guidance.

You are able to book a telephone or face-to-face appointment by visiting the MoneyHelper website ( or calling 0800 138 3944. If you call us about your pension, we can also help you book your Pension Wise appointment.

When you contact us to send you forms to take your retirement savings, we may need to send you a Confirmation of Guidance or Advice Form where you will need to let us know if you have:

  • attended a Pension Wise appointment
  • taken regulated financial advice
  • chosen to opt out of taking guidance or advice

Please note that we will not be able to complete your payment claim without this form and if you are attending a Pension Wise appointment, you should send your completed application form back to us after the appointment.

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